Western Conference 2nd seed Memphis played a thrilling rematch in their match against 3rd seed Golden State. 메이저 토토사이트 Thanks to the 22-year-old All-Star point guard Ja Morant, born in 1999, who perfectly took over the clutch court at the end of the 4th quarter. The Golden State defense has struggled like this against a particular player since the 2014-15 season under manager Steve Kerr. Morant is performing at the level of Lebron James, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving as of the playoffs (vs. GSW).

Eastern Conference 2nd seed Boston also balanced 3rd seed Milwaukee with one win and one loss in the first two matches of the series. A battle for resourcefulness is raging between Boston manager Ime Yudoka and Milwaukee manager Mike Budenholzer.

Memphis Grizzlies (1-1) 106-101 Golden State Warriors (1-1)


Ja Morant 47 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, three steals, 3 PM, 5 FT 12/13

Sir Williams 14 points, five rebounds, 3 PM, 4

D’Anthony Melton 3 points, eight rebounds, three blocks

golden state

Stephen Curry had 27 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, and 3 PMs.

Jordan Pool 20 points, five assists

Andrew Wiggins had 16 points and nine rebounds.

1st Quarter: 33-25

2nd Quarter: 23-26

3rd Quarter: 21-26

4th Quarter: 29-24

안전 메이저 토토사이트 Series stats (Western 2nd seed vs. 3rd seed)

1st leg: MEM (loss) 116-117 GSW (win)

Second leg: MEM (win) 106-101 GSW (loss)

Game 3 : May 8 GSW (home)

Game 4 : May 10 GSW (home)

Game 5 : May 12 MEM (home)

*Games 6-7 will be conducted if necessary

Memphis turned the flow of the playoff round 2 head-to-head series against Golden State to the origin. It is also an encouraging achievement to repay the disappointment of losing the first round of the series in the same way tonight.

The Young-geon group did not lose momentum in the battle for speed against the 2014+2017-18 final winning group. He also broke the chain of three consecutive defeats in the playoff away matches (2015-22).

Golden State has been plagued with injuries. Gary Payton, Jr., one of the secret actors behind the first-leg replay, left the court with an injury to his left elbow.

*¹It was due to a 2nd foul on Dylan Brooks. He is currently undergoing an MRI examination, and the detailed progress will be announced tomorrow.

However, the health variables of key players did not apply only to Golden State.

Memphis also has the main gun Desmond Bain suffering from back pain, while starting center Steven Adams is also subject to COVID-19-related medical protocol quarantine.

It’s a pity that both sides can’t operate at 100% power.

The game unfolded so that if the home team ran away by the end of the third quarter, the away team diligently pursued it. Interestingly, the driving force behind the pursuit of the Golden Warriors was based on control of the rebound, not the characteristic shooting. Let’s take a look at the changes in Memphis’ inside competitiveness.

First of all, I have a good memory of being ranked first in the league with an average of 57.6 points per game (margin +10.2) in the regular season and 18.7 points (margin +5.7 points) in the second-chance scoring based on offensive rebounds. The inside productivity advantage was maintained in the first round of the playoffs when they defeated Minnesota.

On the other hand, in the second-round match against Golden State, the advantage was reduced to a disadvantage.

검증된 메이저 토토사이트 He conceded countless offensive rebounds + second chances revealed, and the cumulative paint zone scoring margin in two games reached a whopping -30 points. The game plan, which improves possession completion by acquiring more scoring opportunities (FGA+FTA), is twisted. *²Even Golden State is a small-line-based working group.

Golden State manager Steve Kerr’s goal stands out. He is making up for 120% of his inferiority in height with an abundant amount of activity based on a rotation of 9 to 10 people—the majority of offensive rebounds caught by sneaking into the opponent’s box-outs.

Concentration by taking advantage of additional attack opportunities was also evaluated as the highest level. For Memphis, the height collapse caused by the Adams colon variable and the foolish foul trouble of Jaren Jackson Jr. is a fatal blow.

*¹ Dylan Brooks hit Gary Payton Jr. for a layup shot early in the first quarter. The bigger problem is that he couldn’t even use the falling technique because he lost his body balance. That’s why Brooks was kicked off the court with a flagrant two foul.

*² Golden State ranked 20th overall in the league with an average of 9.8 offensive rebounds (margin +0.1) per game during the regular season and ranked 18th in second chance with 12.6 points (margin -0.1).

Two Teams Season & PO Match Inside Production Change

Season (MEM 3 wins one loss)

MEM: 12.0ORB/DRB% 78.7%/Second Chance 14.0 Points Paint Zone 50.5 Points

GSW: 6.5ORB/DRB% 70.1%/Second Chance 9.3 Points Paint Zone 44.0 Points

PO 1st round (GSW win)

MEM: 16ORB/DRB% 66.0%/second chance 24 points, paint zone 44 points

GSW: 16ORB/DRB% 65.0%/second chance 26 points, paint zone 56 points

PO 2nd leg (MEM win)

MEM: 12ORB/DRB% 63.2%/second chance 10 points, paint zone 42 points

GSW: 14ORB/DRB% 74.5%/second chance 20 points, paint zone 60 points

*DRB%: Occupation of defensive rebounds

Memphis Season & PO Rebound Competitiveness Change


14.1ORB (1st place, margin +4.1) DRB% 72.6% (15th place) Second chance 18.7 points (1st place, margin +5.7 points)


12.5 ORB (2nd place, margin +5.5 points) DRB% 76.6% (5th place) Second chance 15.8 points (3rd place, margin +5.0 points)


14.0ORB (margin –1.0 points) DRB% 64.5% second chance 16.0 points (margin –7.0 points)

*In parentheses ( ), the rankings are based on 30 regular season teams and 16 playoff teams.

This time, 메이저 토토사이트 let’s revisit the background in which the home team was slightly ahead. Star Zamorant has enjoyed some effect from the primary matchup, Peyton II’s injury. Peyton II is an elite interpersonal defender who plays the role of the apex of the box & one formation. He tenaciously checks Morant’s dribbling forward movement even in a sagging defensive appearance.

This is a challenging role for colleagues such as Klay Thompson, who has lost competitiveness after suffering multiple major injuries, Jordan Poole, who cannot judge situations, and Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins, who lack the athletic ability or are slow to react.

So what is the effect of Peyton’s series on the coat? You can check the result change table for Morant accompanying & solo participation section below. Morant played with Peyton for about 20 minutes with 20 points, three assists (2 errors), 41.2% field throw success rate, court margin +3 points, 61 points, 15 assists (3 errors), and field throw success rate in 59 minutes played alone. 48.9%, court margin +9 points.

However, Memphis’ Young Gun All-Star point guard did not rely solely on the matchup injury-out effect. Last year’s play-in tournament elimination head-to-head match, and this year’s playoff round 2 one-on-one games, in the first and second rounds, both scored 30+ points (38.7 points average in 3 games).

He even laughed at Golden State’s sagging defense. The average 3-point shot in the three games was 4.7, and the success rate also reached 42.4%! Considering that the average career success rate is in the low 30% range, this is a surprising number.

What if the Golden Warriors corps release their sagging and go on a forward press defense? Retribution with a decisive dribble breakthrough.

*¹The creation of gravity centered on me has decreased due to the absence of crucial pick & role play partner Adams and the sagging opposing defense. Still, there is no problem because he is directly scoring with a high probability. He averaged 8.0 assists in three games.

*²The Golden State defense, which has always maintained the league’s highest level since Kerr took office, is being denied in front of the bold 22-year-old Young-gun.

Another reason why the away team could not replace the inside productivity advantage with a lead was the shooting hunting of the main guns. The performance of the new golden trio members, Curry, Thompson, and Poole, has significantly decreased compared to the first round.

Unfortunately, it’s a shame because Holy Pool played hard in the third year of the league; he bowed his head for each of Curry’s multiple erroneous plays and Thompson’s case of field hunting.

The sluggishness of the Splash Brothers came back as a decisive boomerang even in the last minute of the 4th quarter.

*¹ Desmond Bain was tied for less than 10 points in the first two games in the second round of the playoffs. With Golden State sagging primary ball-handler Ja Morant, it’s hard for the rest of the team to get quality shots. Of course, it would help if you also considered your back pain.

*² Players who have scored 30+ points in three playoff games against Golden State since the 2014-15 season under Steve Kerr were LeBron James (4 games), James Harden (4 games), Kyrie Irving, Nikola Jokic, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and Za Morant. Except for Irving and Morant, they are MVPs or Finals MVPs!

Za Morant, Series Comparison with Gary Payton II for Accompanying & Solo appearances

Accompanying (20 minutes): 20 points, 3 assists/2 errors FG 41.2% 3P 4/9 FT 2/2 Court margin +3 points

Solo (59 minutes): 61 points, 15 assists/3 errors FG 48.9% 3P 5/14 FT 12/14 Court margin +9 points

Zamorano Career PIT&PO 3 Match Results against Golden State

Last year’s PIT: 35 points, six rebounds, six assists, five errors, four steals, FG 48.3% 3P 5/10 FT 2/2

This year’s PO 1st leg: 34 points, nine rebounds, ten assists/3 errors, three steals FG 45.2% 3P 4/11 FT 2/3

The second leg of this year’s PO: 47 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, two errors, three steals FG 48.4% 3P 5/12 FT 12/13

Desmond Bane’s PO scoring change

vs MIN 6 games: 23.5 points, 2.2 assists/1.8 error FG 50.0% 3PM 4.5 FTA 3.3

vs GSW 1st leg: 9 points, 1 assist/1 error FG 30.0% 3P 1/5 FT 2/3

vs GSW 2nd leg: 5 points, 1 assist, 2 errors FG 28.6% 3P 1/4 FT 0/0

*Bain was the top scorer in the squad in the first round.

*1st round attack share (USG%) 20.0% -> 2nd round 14.0% -> 2nd 11.4%. It can be seen that the Golden State defense is suppressing Bain’s on-ball & off-ball play attempt itself.

안전 토토 검증 Golden State Golden Trio Series Joint Performance Changes

1st leg: 75 points, 16 assists, five errors, FG 44.1% 3P 13/32 FT 5/8 joint

Second leg: 59 points, 16 assists/9 errors FG 40.0% 3P 6/29 FT 5/5 joint

*Stephen Curry + Klay Thompson + Jordan Poole