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Choosing a School - Checklist for Parents

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How many children are in the school?

What is the maximum class size?

What curriculum does the school provide? Will the syllabi provided in each subject area match those in schools in the country of origin, should your child have to leave halfway through a course?

Is a school bus provided for students?

Is there supervision on the bus?

What time does school begin and end?

Is there a facility for leaving children early or allowing them to stay late?

Is there a discipline policy in the school? Could anyone be expelled from the school? – for what?

Is there a homework policy in the school?

How are the children assessed? How often? How are the results reported to parents?

Are open days or family days held in the school?

What are the play areas like?

Is lunch provided for students?

What are the sports facilities like?

Denise Kelly
Educational Consultant & Head Teacher of Elian’s British School, La Nucia, Alicante.

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