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A guide to choosing the best cosmetic surgeon on the Costa Blanca

Cosmetic surgery in SpainCosmetic Surgery in Spain - Europe's Nº1 centre in the quest for the perfect body

Dr. Federico Perez de la Romana specializes in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery (from the Universities of Madrid and California) and is a member of both the Spanish and American Associations of Aesthetic Surgeons. We are pleased to present his views and advice on such a delicate and personal subject.

It may surprise you to know that Spain has the highest number of practicing cosmetic surgeons in the European Union. The social, cultural and economic development of the country has reached unprecidented levels and this new found wealth has filtered through into the way in which the average person perceives themselves. We are all vain to a varying degree, and it has never been easier to attain that perfect body or face. And if you are one of the many that is prepared to go under the surgeons knife to acheive that goal, you need to be sure that you filter out to good from the bad. Similarly, and unfortunately, there are those that for whatever twist of fate, have found themselves disfigured and feel they must rectify that imperfection if they are to live a normal life.

The tragic and unwanted news for the profesional practitioners, is the amount of unlicensed, or inadequetly licensed cosmetic surgeons, who daily cause unneccessary pain and suffering to unsuspecting and trusting individuals. Patients who have been lulled into a false sense of security by the array of framed certificates lining the walls of the clinic's waiting room, find that their money has been wasted on a surgeon who, in actual fact, was only qualified to undertake minor surgery, or a different type of surgery altogether.

Cosmetic, as many other types of surgery is a highly specialised field. A professional surgeon has to take every precaution possible for the eventualities that could occur during a complex operation. His team must have adequete strengths in their allocated roles. With so many practitioners offering the same service at competing prices, you need to know you are getting the best possible care.

In our country, Cosmetic Surgery should only be carried out by specialists in Aethetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In order to obtain this level of proficiency, the doctor must have completed his degree in medicine and surgery (normally taking about six years) before undertaking a further five year period in a hospital where he/she will practice two years of general surgery and three years of specialised aesthetic surgery. It is important then, to distinguish between a properly qualified surgeon and an aesthetic doctor who does not have the necessary qualifications to carry out surgery. That said, there are many 'qualified' surgeons that undertake a variety of operations. It is up to the individual to make the proper enquiries as to the extent of the individual's 'qualifications'.

A telephone call to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Madrid on +34 91 576 59 95 or the Spanish Association of Aethetic Surgeons on +34 91 575 50 35 to check on a doctor's credentials, should be your first task before deciding upon a medical practitioner. Does the centre have the proper equipment, operating theatre and anaesthetist. The surgeon should have practicing for at least ten years and have performed a fair number of operations within recent years. The general health of the patient should be taken into consideration - an ordinary cold, however mild, will be enough to postpone any surgery.

If you would like a consultation on any type of aesthetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery, please telephone our new clinic in Alicante on

+34 96 520 60 59 or 96 520 60 88

Dr Federico Perez de la Romana


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