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Town, area and road maps for the Costa Blanca

If you are a complete newcomer to the Costa Blanca, you may need a little help in finding your way around. If you are thinking of hiring a car here then it helps to know the best route for your journey before you set out. If you are prone to a spot of road rage, you will need to pack more than your fair share of good humour as many things to do with driving are not what you have been used to in the UK, for example.

Firstly, you need to be aware that the ONLY time that a Spaniard is in a hurry is when he/she gets behind the wheel of a car!! Secondly, roundabouts are a new concept here and although leaflets have been handed out by the authorities as to how to use them - it would seem that very few people have actually read them!! They seem to springing up all over the place with the only reasonable explanation for their sudden over-production being a nice place to put some of the modern art sculptures that the Spaniards love so well. Thirdly, road signs. I could dedicate a whole page to this subject, but it would only serve to confuse you even more. To begin with, most streets have more than one name, houses have more than one number and some others have nothing at all. The main road signage is not much better. For example, about a year ago the motorways were renamed coming out of Valencia with the result that hundreds of people took the wrong road and ended up driving two or three hours in the wrong direction unable to get off the motorway. Having said that, if you are brave enough to take the plunge, there is nothing more rewarding than exploring Spain's beautiful interior landscapes and unspoiled villages and towns.

Here are some links to maps of the area to give you a head start. But we recommend investing in a good road map!!

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General Area Map

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